2013 Superbowl Commericals

2013 Super Bowl Commercials – GoDaddy strikes again with this super sexy spot featuring Bar Rafaeli and an obviously very smart and charismatic website guy in another classic 2013 Super Bowl Commercial. Even if you start out thinking about websites, that thought soon leaves your mind as you wonder WTF is going on here? Sure [...]

2013 Super Bowl Commercials – Volkswagen adds to its “Get Happy” vibe of 2013 Super Bowl Commercials with another Caribbean theme style spot. Again however, it takes until the very end of the commercial to find out what is actually being advertised. At $4 million a pop, our feeling is that no matter how great [...]

2013 Super Bowl Commercials – VooDoo Mama Hot Sauce has a great commercial that you probably won’t see during the 2013 Superbowl, but if we could give our own awards, this one would be right up there. Since the 2013 Super Bowl is being played in New Orleans, we figured this great spot was a [...]

2013 Super Bowl Commercials – GoDaddy can’t help themselves with the sexy seductresses and a few of their 2013 Super Bowl Commercials get back to what GoDaddy does best. Meet Kasandra and Judd in this unique look at what “Sexy” really is. gotta love the actor who plays Judd. How long did he practice that [...]

2013 Superbowl Commercials – GoDaddy always brings out the sexy GoDaddy girls for their Super Bowl Commercials, however this year they actually have a few that skip the sexy and get straight to the point. We love this departure from the classic “Sex Sells” GoDaddy superbowl commercials and it hits close to home because we [...]

2013 Superbowl Commercials – O.K. so we’re not thinking that this 2013 Superbowl Commercial is going to hit the air this year or anytime in the near future, but one of our favorite video directors made this one up on spec and he’s a good buddy so we decided to include it on the site. [...]

2013 Superbowl Commercials – Hyundai joins the long list of car makers who put forth 2013 Superbowl Commercials and this one actually hits the mark branding their car, unlike some of the other car companies that went for the more esoteric route to subtle branding.  This is a pretty simple spot as Superbowl Ads go, [...]

2013 Superbowl Commercials – HOT!  HOT!  HOT! are the three best words to describe this 2013 Superbowl Commercial featuring Kate Upton in the back seat of a car at a drive in movie featuring who knows what, other than the supermodel and her hot jalapeno sandwich and a super lucky Carl’s Jr. Bag.  We’re very surprised that this 2013 [...]

2013 Superbowl Commercials – MEGAN FOX IN A BATHTUB!  What more could a guy want from a Superbowl Commercial?  Obviously that’s what Motorola was thinking when they put this 2013 Superbowl Ad together to promote their new Moto Blur smart phone features.  This may go down to some as the ad that tried to be [...]

2013 Superbowl Commercials – Fiat has a Superbowl worthy lineup of Commercials this year and this “Extended Cab” version of a Fiat sport coupe brings with it the bonus of “Sisters” as it visits its American relatives.  Fiat seems to be spending some serious cash to make in roads to the U.S. market and with [...]